Living With Diabetes? Consider Cinnamon

There are different types of cinnamon – and this is important for people living with diabetes.  Ceylon (from Cinnamomum Zeylanicum) vs Cassia (from Cinnamomum Cassia – or Cinnamomum Aromaticum) would be an important distinction if you were to explore this approach medicinally.  It is the coumarin (blood thinning properties)  which needs to be monitored.  That is, the ceylon cinnamon has less than the cassia species.  When taking medicinal amounts of cinnamon, one needs to be certain not to overdose on the coumarin.

Cinnamon comes in sticks as well as powder form.  The picture featured on this article is that of ‘cassia’.  For additional information regarding what you need to know about cinnamon if you use it medicinally, as well as to see a photo of the ceylon cinnamon click here . **

** Always consult with your primary health care provider before beginning a new or manipulating an existing food, medication, herb, or any practice that may impact your mind/body/spirit balance.

Nurse Practitioners Are Educated to Facilitate YOUR Healing Journey

Resume Updated April 2017 FOR WEBSITE 2017  If you want to accomplish any or all of these:

  • Lose Weight
  • Stop Snoring
  • Reduce Pain in Your Joints
  • Increase Your Energy
  • Understand Your Own Body Language/ Internal Communication
  • Interpret & Respect Signs as Signals (they facilitate your healing journey)
  • Learn To Address The ‘True Cause’ (rather than just the symptoms)

. . . begin by calling (917) 716-6802 for a free 10-minute consultation to learn about how Dr. Iankowitz can help you.

“A nurse practitioner is a nurse that is able to provide treatment and prescriptions without the supervision of a physician. The role began in Colorado because of the lack of doctors in rural areas. Nurse practitioners filled that need then, and continue to do so now.”

Click here to read more about the positive impact of nurse practitioners on health care.

Dr. Iankowitz is a family nurse practitioner with over 30 years experience providing care to patients. (Click here for CV).

Her goal is to take her role as nurse practitioner to the next level; that is, she builds a team approach that includes a primary care provider at the helm, and a group of licensed, certified professionals who are expert in their field to help patients along their wellness journey.

Here’s the shift:  Dr. Iankowitz will work with YOUR established primary health provider and/or help you build your team of professionals, upon your request. Call for a free 10-minute consultation to see what Dr. Iankowitz can do for you.  (917) 716-6802

Rheumatoid Arthritis and Gut Flora – REALLY?

As years progress, we discover increasingly important roles played by the gut in brain function, mood, immune function and more.  Not much of a surprise, then, to learn how important the digestive system is to auto-immune system glitches, as in Rheumatoid Arthritis.

The conventional approach is to treat Rheumatoid Arthritis with pharmaceutical products. The functional medicine approach is to embrace the human body as a complex organism made up of organ systems that work together to achieve a harmonious experience we call life. Comfort is key. Maintaining equilibrium is what functional medicine tries to facilitate. For a video focused on the functional medical assessment and treatment of Rheumatoid Arthritis CLICK HERE.

According to Dr. Hyman, “Autoimmune diseases, specifically, now affect 24 million people and include rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, multiple sclerosis, thyroid disease, inflammatory bowel disease, and more.”  Click here to read on about what Dr. Hyman has to say.

So what can you do to heal yourself? The functional medicine approach begins by screening you for infections (i.e. fungal – which oftentimes results from inappropriate and repetitive use of antibiotics –  click here for details), H. pylori  – which is appropriately treated with antibiotic therapy, food allergies and leaky gut. In addition, a functional medicine doctor will detoxify you from metals, clean up your sinuses, and heal your immune system. This is done by offering  supportive nutrients, such as zinc, fish oil, vitamin D, herbs, and probiotics. Additionally, your provider will help you incorporate dietary changes comprised of whole-foods (click here for a market that sells them) that are allergen-free and anti-inflammatory (click here for examples of anti-inflammatory foods).

Read more about the evidence and data that are building regarding Rheumatoid Arthritis and gut flora: Click here

You deserve to feel well. Today is a wonderful opportunity to set up your healthful short and long-term goals.  Here’s to your health.  ~Dr. Iankowitz

The Mind Is More Powerful Than Most People Realize

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Even conventional medical practitioners recognize the strength of the intangible ‘mind’.  Just look at the placebo effect.  What was once believed to be ‘coincidence’ is now understood to be a useful tool . . . and the term ‘imagination’ is gaining new respect.

Once technology catches up with intuitive knowing, we will have means by which to satisfy all wellness professionals with  overflowing confirmation using  ‘evidence-based data’ to support what many, but not all, know to be truth.  At this point we have kirlian photography  and recognition of energy fields, Reiki,  and a wide range of holistic healing approaches that western medicine is beginning to embrace. Until we do have ‘hard evidence’ measured by scientific rules defined by our society, there is nothing to stop anyone from tapping into personal, internal power.  Begin here:

Creative visualization and imagery in health

For additional techniques, hints and tips, Holistic and Integrative Healing LLC is available. Dr. Iankowitz can facilitate your healing process by supporting and guiding you throughout your healing journey. She can work with or help you create a team of professionals, at your request.  Dr. Iankowitz can be reached (917) 716-6802 for consultation, by appointment only, so call in advance.

Learning How To Read Your Body

Each individual travels a unique and sacred journey through life. There is deviation from equilibrium; that is, there are ups and downs.  This is part of the adventure.  Learning how to cope, on the mind/spirit level comes with experience. Learning how to heal the body and, ultimately, restore balance to the mind/body/spirit relationship within yourself, also comes with experience – but takes mindfulness to a new level. Wisdom is the mentor in this scenario.

Prevention is the goal. Communication is the key. True wisdom is revealed by understanding that most presentations of ‘illness’ are merely symptoms of imbalance within the mind/ body/ spirit realm – which you can learn to address once you learn your body’s language.

Bottom line: When the mind/body/spirit balance is “OFF” it is represented uniquely by symptoms expressed by each system.

Find the answers: A symptom of MIND imbalance is expressed as confusion on some level. The BODY, when off balance, expresses itself through joints, muscles, energy, weight and, if it is ‘hormone-based’, may express itself AS IF it is ‘spiritual’ imbalance since, when the SPIRIT is off balance, it is expressed by mood.

All three (mind/body/spirit) are intricately intertwined; thus, there is no possible way that ONE single system can be out of balance without impacting another system. Does it matter where the imbalance began? It may – or, it might not.

What if you knew that, in one single hour, you could learn how to read your body with just a bit of guidance? You can.

Holistic and Integrative Healing LLC promises to offer tools, during your initial one-hour consultation, that you can use immediately to address any issue you present with, including stress, weight, muscle tone – even sinusitis and neck pain. You will learn how to figure out, for yourself, which system each problem represents, and you will have interventions you can use to address your mind, body and spirit appropriately without a pharmaceutical product. Dr. Iankowitz does not draw blood or collect body fluids. This is the most unique wellness experience one can have – and it is the wave of the future.

Download the “Patient Intake Form” from this link to see what you can expect from the first visit.

Then, click below to see what more you can learn about how to tap into your inner wisdom:

So, You Have Been Diagnosed With a Digestive Disorder. Now What?

Asking how irradiated foods impact your digestive system is a key question to ask, especially if you take digestive aides and/or or have been diagnosed with gluten sensitivity, Crohn’s, ciliac, IBS, colitis or any gastrointestinal disorder.

There is a lot you CAN do to help your body AND enjoy food, beverages and desserts. A diagnosis that suggests your body does not break down, process or utilize food optimally is a BIG invitation to explore the work of Dr. Mark Hyman, Dr. Andrew Weil, Dr. Mercola and other functional and integrative practitioners. Here’s to your health and well being.

If you wish to avoid irradiated foods,  and ingest organic produce free of GMOs, preservatives and harmful pesticides, there is a local Farm Share in Holmes New York.  Check it out:

Link to Dr. Andrew Weil:

Link to Dr. J. Mercola:

Link to Dr. Mark Hyman:

Link to Mary Beth Augustine:

The Mind/Body/Spirit Approach to Healing and Maintaining Balance

Have you ever heard of “tapping” as an approach used to free oneself from negative emotions and destructive self-talk that are also associated with fear, shame and guilt?

Tapping is based on principles of an integrated system, complex yet so easy to access – and the answer to your personal freedom from distractions to your joy are literally and figuratively at your fingertips.

Check out this link and then do some additional investigative research on your own if this appeals to you:

Does Change Of Season Wreak Havoc On Your Sinuses?

“I know exactly what to expect.”

There is a certain degree of comfort in knowing what to expect – even if it is ‘discomfort’ . . . however, what if you were able to replace the negative prediction with a positive one?

Prevention is key.

Prevention is exactly what mindfulness facilitates. Step one is the ability to predict what would happen if we did and did not intervene.  Step two is taking active control.

Wouldn’t it be great to say, “I used to get colds and congestion at change of season until I learned to implement . . . ” ?

Becoming mindful.

For those who expect to experience familiar post nasal drip, throat tickle, and facial pressure as seasons change, the pattern of expectation can be altered with a change in pattern of preparation. Mindfulness enriched by education achieves this goal.

Bottom line: You don’t have to be miserable.

There are products available to address the change of season upper respiratory symptoms which, if left to their own progression, often become bronchitis. They may even force a trip to your healthcare provider’s office which, if they already progressed from viral to bacterial might even require antibiotic intervention.

The first 7 – 10 days of most upper respiratory infections is viral.

It is in our best interest to avoid antibiotics, if possible. Years of treating early onset viral illnesses with antibiotics has created a dangerous scenario of multi-drug resistant bacteria.  Click here to read more about this.

It is important to treat viral infections appropriately.

  • When you have a cold, practice proper hand washing.  For a demonstration, click here. 
  • If your healthcare provider says you have a viral infection don’t insist on a prescription for an antibiotic.

For those who are interested in prevention, here is an example of a homeopathic product, click here.

For an approach that can be implement for a fraction of the cost (cited above), and in the comfort of one’s own kitchen, click here.

The body is designed to self heal. Believe it or not, bacteria, viruses, fungi and fever can be our best friends.

Really?  Yes! They all help keep the body internally toned, much in the same way as the gym and jogging helps the muscles.  We need ‘germs’ in moderation.  It is only when they begin to take over and throw us off balance that illness begins to dictate bed rest that interferes with daily activities.

Over-the-counter remedies can be our friends OR enemies.

The skin is the largest organ in our body and our first line of defense. Local inflammation signals a healthy body’s response to something that inappropriately entered the body (through a break in skin). Fever is also a healthy response. Fever is our friend. It make the body too hot for germs to reproduce.

Masking local skin or internal body infections with over-the-counter creams, pills and/or liquids actually hides symptoms – and undercuts the efforts of the body to heal.

Prevention at its best.

With the right food choices, stimulation of chi points, therapeutic touch or massage, positive imagery, and/or reflexology interventions, we can help our body protect itself. Feel free to read other blogs and posts within this website for hints, tips, remedies and other evidence-based interventions.

Here’s to your health.

Whether you hike in mountains or tame level trails, along rivers or streams, or surround yourself with and air conditioned, filtered and/or otherwise controlled environment, here’s to your health and to a wonderful season of enjoyment . . . wherever you choose to spend your time.

Mind/ Body/ Spirit Balance – From Reading Labels to Listening to Music

Some people feel very protected in the United States, believing that they are being taken care of and watched over “in their own best interest.”  In some cases this might be true; however, when it comes to certain things, such as medications and foods, a closer look and more education would benefit the educated consumer.

Besides the fact that ingredients are added to foods with little to no government oversight, (made possible by loopholes and laws that by-pass review by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration – click here for details about this),  some have voiced concern that the government is too casual about the food available to US citizens to begin with. These people suggest that the US government has been outfoxed by destructive forces – click here for details.

Interested in reading about a more organic and/or paleo approach to menu preparation? Feel free to click on the links provided and do explore evidence-based resources, question professionals you respect and trust, and consult with your doctor, who might have some insight to offer. Conventional medicine takes more of a pharmaceutical approach, while functional medicine is more of a mind/ body/ spirit balance approach.  To read more about the functional medical school of thought click here.

You have one life, one body and the power to make decisions and choices (or to avoid decisions which is, in itself, a personal choice).  Your mind, body and spirit balance is a gift to maintain. Food, exercise and mental health are personal . . . here’s to fulfillment of your potential and achievement of your highest self.  ~Dr. Iankowitz

A few links for meditation:

Native American Meditation Shamanic Music

Zen Ocean Music

Positive Energy Relaxation Music