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Dr. Iankowitz specializes in teaching patients how to listen to the messages of their body. Prevention is key. Patients learn how to recover from acute episodic as well as long standing issues using non-pharmaceutical approaches. Her chief areas of expertise include:

  • weight control (loss/gain)
  • sinusitis (acute & chronic); snoring
  • sore throats, earaches, colds & flu

Additional specialties include:

  • muscle tension
  • stress management
  • nutritional counseling
  • immune system support

Dr. Iankowitz, Director of Holistic and Integrative Healing LLC, practices functional medicine, which is a  SYSTEMS – based rather than  ‘symptoms – based’ approach to healing. Eastern and western wisdom are blended to individualize treatments & recommendations for each patient. To view a short video, click here.

Contact Information:  (917) 716-6802

By Appointment Only


  • Registered Professional Nurse New York State and Connecticut
  • Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner (ANCC) New York State
  • FNP certified by Pace University & Mary-Imogene Bassett Hospital/Columbia-Presbyterian
  • BLS 1984 – present
  • DEA registered 1992-1995; 2002-2008; 2011 – present
  • Second Degree Reiki Certification


  • DOCTOR OF NURSING PRACTICE   May, 2012 Pace University New York City Campus / College of Health Professions Lienhard School of Nursing
  • MASTER OF SCIENCE   December, 1983 Pace University Pleasantville, New York 10570 Lienhard School of Nursing
  • BACHELOR OF ARTS    June, 1981 cum laude Pace University Pleasantville, New York 10570 Dyson College Double Major: Psychology/Human Relations

Curricula vitae 2022 Updated (click here):

The first visit is by appointment only and includes a full consultation, health history and targeted physical exam, as appropriate. (Initial consultations for new patients are through personal referral). *

* New patients are accepted by recommendation of colleagues or current patients. Please call the office directly to learn about exceptions. Click HERE for a “New Patient Intake Form” Note: the final page is an example of the type of physical examination that may be performed, if indicated. There is no need to print or fill that out. If you choose to print out the ‘intake form’ please fill it out prior to coming to the office. If you prefer to NOT print the form, that is fine.  One will be provided to you upon initial consultation. 

Dr. Iankowitz recognizes that each individual presents with unique needs. There are no two bodies alike. Treatment for presenting symptoms are individualized, taking into account a person’s body chemistry.

Each patient has his/her/their own ideas about

  • what ‘wellness’ looks like
  • preferred short and long-term goals
  • what ‘exercise’ means
  • dietary preferences
  • whether or not yoga or meditation are worth time/attention

Office: (917) 716-6802  

By Appointment  Only

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