Core Philosophy

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Core philosophy:

1. We each have an innate ability to heal ourselves and others. Dr. Iankowitz offers a functional medical assessment, respects your views, and works within whatever system and/or cultural background you feel will facilitate your healing.

2. People have unique relationships with whatever disease process they experience. When you request facilitated healing, it is important to determine how you perceive your  ‘illness’ or ‘condition.’  Once this is established,  your healing journey – guided by Dr. Iankowitz, begins.

3. If one has a secretly vested interest in holding on to a condition, this suggests the illness may be viewed by the patient as a friend. The response of the health practitioner must take the patient’s reality into account. Referrals are made to licensed, certified professionals including mental health, physical therapy, massage therapy, holistic optometry, herbal practitioners and more, upon patient request.

4. Patient perception governs the ‘success’ or ‘failure’ of treatment. Dr. Iankowitz embraces and appreciates that ‘success’ is defined by the patient’s comfort with the presenting problem. Physical and emotional ease, and a personal relationship with misery vs. joy are key factors that determine a patient’s ability to actively and effectively participate in facilitated healing.

Each individual embodies a multi-cultural reality, and each encounter is unique and valid. While the conventional medical model is reactive and symptoms based, the functional medical model is preventive and systems based. This permits a patient-centered approach, taking all organ systems into consideration during the healing journey. Dr. Iankowitz embraces an eclectic view, in accordance with values supported by the Nurse Practitioner model blended with the evidence-based practice of functional medicine.

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