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Holistic and Integrative Healing LLC provides tools to facilitate your wellness. Located in a rural town off a quiet country road, positive energy is experienced the moment you enter the premises. Welcomed by a functional wellness philosophy and true patient-centered approach, healing begins. To read in-depth about the Core Philosophy, click here.

Dr. Iankowitz is the founder and director of Holistic and Integrative Healing LLC, a non-pharmaceutical, functional health care practice. She helps patients address and resolve core issues that contribute to acute and chronic illnesses. Among her specialties: weight-control, seasonal allergies, sinusitis, and mild anxiety.

First time patients have an opportunity to discuss concerns, questions, and any short and/or long term goals they have, during an in-depth consultation with Dr. Iankowitz. During the initial consultation, a full history and review of your Intake Form is followed by a physical examination of the major organ systems, blood-pressure check, pulse ox, and peak flow (if necessary).

Dr. Iankowitz offers the time necessary to address your concerns and questions including but not limited to:

  • prevention of respiratory illnesses (especially during change of season)
  • use of chi points to facilitate your own wellness and healing
  • choosing the right foods for your body
  • establishing & maintaining short & long term goals for wellness & healing
  • choosing the appropriate  exercise for your body type, lifestyle and goals

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Articles and Posts by Dr. Iankowitz

Jan. 17, 2018

” Dr Iankowitz has a gift for prioritizing her patients’ concerns while keeping the lines of communication comfortable from beginning to end of the consultation. Throughout our initial appointment not only were all of my questions answered, but I was given useful  knowledge empowering me to proceed. My family will be starting a gluten free way of living; our nineteen month old son is the primary focus and we will all be joining the transition.  Our son has shown possible sensitivity  to gluten. After  speaking to Dr Iankowitz, we have a clear plan. We have observed increased restlessness upon eating gluten and are excited to see how the complete change to his diet will benefit him.” ~Bernadette Alpi, NY


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