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Holistic and Integrative Healing LLC provides tools to facilitate your wellness. Located in a rural town off a quiet country road, positive energy is experienced the moment you enter the premises. Welcomed by a functional wellness philosophy and true patient-centered approach, healing begins. To read in-depth about the Core Philosophy, click HERE.

Dr. Iankowitz is the founder and director of Holistic and Integrative Healing LLC, a non-pharmaceutical, functional health care practice. She helps patients address and resolve core issues that contribute to acute and chronic illnesses. Among her specialties: weight-control, seasonal allergies, sinusitis, and mild anxiety.

First time patients have an opportunity to discuss concerns, questions, and any short and/or long term goals they have, during an in-depth consultation with Dr. Iankowitz. During the initial consultation, a full history and review of your Intake Form is followed by a physical examination of the major organ systems, blood-pressure check, pulse ox, and peak flow (if necessary).

Dr. Iankowitz offers the time necessary to address your concerns and questions including but not limited to:

  • prevention of respiratory illnesses (especially during change of season)
  • use of chi points to facilitate your own wellness and healing
  • choosing the right foods for your body
  • establishing & maintaining short & long term goals for wellness & healing
  • choosing the appropriate  exercise for your body type, lifestyle and goals

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