Living With Diabetes? Consider Cinnamon

There are different types of cinnamon – and this is important for people living with diabetes.  Ceylon (from Cinnamomum Zeylanicum) vs Cassia (from Cinnamomum Cassia – or Cinnamomum Aromaticum) would be an important distinction if you were to explore this approach medicinally.  It is the coumarin (blood thinning properties)  which needs to be monitored.  That is, the ceylon cinnamon has less than the cassia species.  When taking medicinal amounts of cinnamon, one needs to be certain not to overdose on the coumarin.

Cinnamon comes in sticks as well as powder form.  The picture featured on this article is that of ‘cassia’.  For additional information regarding what you need to know about cinnamon if you use it medicinally, as well as to see a photo of the ceylon cinnamon click here . **

** Always consult with your primary health care provider before beginning a new or manipulating an existing food, medication, herb, or any practice that may impact your mind/body/spirit balance.

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