Nurse Practitioners Are Educated to Facilitate YOUR Healing Journey

Resume Updated April 2017 FOR WEBSITE 2017  If you want to accomplish any or all of these:

  • Lose Weight
  • Stop Snoring
  • Reduce Pain in Your Joints
  • Increase Your Energy
  • Understand Your Own Body Language/ Internal Communication
  • Interpret & Respect Signs as Signals (they facilitate your healing journey)
  • Learn To Address The ‘True Cause’ (rather than just the symptoms)

. . . begin by calling (917) 716-6802 for a free 10-minute consultation to learn about how Dr. Iankowitz can help you.

“A nurse practitioner is a nurse that is able to provide treatment and prescriptions without the supervision of a physician. The role began in Colorado because of the lack of doctors in rural areas. Nurse practitioners filled that need then, and continue to do so now.”

Click here to read more about the positive impact of nurse practitioners on health care.

Dr. Iankowitz is a family nurse practitioner with over 30 years experience providing care to patients. (Click here for CV).

Her goal is to take her role as nurse practitioner to the next level; that is, she builds a team approach that includes a primary care provider at the helm, and a group of licensed, certified professionals who are expert in their field to help patients along their wellness journey.

Here’s the shift:  Dr. Iankowitz will work with YOUR established primary health provider and/or help you build your team of professionals, upon your request. Call for a free 10-minute consultation to see what Dr. Iankowitz can do for you.  (917) 716-6802

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