Feeding Positive Energy Throughout The COVID-19 Holiday Season

How can we generate positive energy when we feel sucked into a black hole of negativity stoked by fear surrounding the microscopic invader: COVID-19? We want to hug loved ones – but might not be able to; we may be mourning the premature passing of a friend or loved one to this enemy. How can we heal through this?

First, we need to understand there are THREE parts to our ‘existence’ on this planet: MIND (attitude); BODY (physical vessel made of organ systems, bones, muscles and all sorts of soft tissue); SPIRIT (our invisible connection to that which is greater than our selves, and a source of an abundance of strength from which courage and fortitude flow).

Intellectually (MIND) we realize that there is a threat. We also know there are ways to protect ourselves and loved ones against it. Click here for information, here for additional facts, and here for practical detailed interventions in the event that you or a loved one was exposed. These are tools we decide to use (MIND) to protect the BODY.

Physically (BODY) we become tense in response to any threat we feel unprepared (MIND) to tackle. Our muscles become tight – particularly the back: lower, middle and upper. The neck becomes stiff, as well, in response to what we believe (MIND) to be insurmountable danger. So, in effect, the physical responses are, in truth, able to be controlled by the mind. Think about it. Education and awareness (MIND) of tools we can use to defeat the threat offers perspective (MIND) to help us relax the muscles (BODY). There are also physical interventions, such as posture, massage, hot soaks etc., which all play a role in healing.

When we lean on love, we can share burdens and double the pleasure at any moment in time. This SPIRITUAL experience permits us to become part of something greater than ourselves. Spiritual energy is shared during eye contact, and through tone of voice. It is certainly shared during physical (BODY) contact, as vibrations (SPIRITUAL) are absolutely transmitted through all 6 senses.

This brings us to the answer about how to heal through a December 2020 holiday season that is threatened by COVID-19.

(1) Arm yourself with knowledge (MIND);

(2) Maintain neutral and optimal body posture, picking up on the angle of your torso, arms, neck and legs (BODY) when you use electronics (i.e. avoid craning your neck to text; bring the laptop to eye level so you don’t slouch to type; get an ergonomic keyboard);

(3) Tap into your SPIRITUAL resources to feed your ‘greater than self’ positive vibrations – using color, sound, aroma, delicious food & beverages filled with spices and herbs that bring healthful comfort to your soul, generate positive thoughts, and stretch your arms, legs and torso gently. (Note: this article is purely informational. No suggestions on any of the links are to be considered medical advice. Please consult with your primary care provider before implementing any recommendations or ideas in any of the links).

If you are in the mood to sit back and experience life through the eyes of an acorn (how the strong spirit of this acorn defied the parent Oak tree), and how the spiral of time impacts all Creatures of The Meadow, I invite you to click the link, as it is a brief 5-minute selection from “Tales of The Soil” . . . then, if you like, feel free to join me for a Zoom interaction on December 5, 2020 from 9:30am-10am.

Wishing you, your loved ones, and all lives you touch beauty, comfort, joy, personal courage, and the best of health and positive energy now and always. ~ Dr. Iankowitz

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