Hunkering Down During COVID-19

During the holidays we want to share love and positive vibrations with friends and loved ones. Sadly, during this 2020 holiday season, we need to be physically more isolated than usual.

Question: how can we share emotionally during these colder, shorter days of winter?

Answer: ZOOM and other platforms over social media are ways we can share time.

Question: what can we share when hugs aren’t an option?

Answer: choose to share EMOTIONS. Storytelling is one way to bring people close together emotionally.

Sharing tales of our past – particularly those that helped transform us to who we are today, offer powerful lessons to pass along to the next generation. Storytelling is an age old technique implemented to educate children in our home (or, today, through computer screens – and help to unite us over the miles). If being open and honest isn’t your thing, telling jokes or reading short stories from a favorite book may be just the ice-breaker to entertain all – followed by discussions of thoughts, feelings and ideas (if that’s how you roll).

Here’s an example – CLICK HERE for a gift from my home to yours. Stay safe and count blessings. ~ Dr. Iankowitz

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