The Stress and Strain of COVID-19 on Relationships (Part 1)

Your family communication and relationship ‘wellness’ (or lack thereof) may have come under a HUGE and powerful magnifying glass throughout 2020, for obvious reasons.

Perhaps your positive vibes have been your constant companion, facilitating laughter and joy throughout the long months of an intense COVID-19 crisis. However, if you are like many who have found themselves ‘stuck’ and depressed, frustrated and angry, frightened and feeling isolated (even if there are others in your home with whom you are living), you are truly NOT ‘alone’ in this. The entire country is under spiritual, emotional, and physical attack. Take heart. Healing is possible – with effort.

So how can we heal through this experience?

Even if you feel optimistic that in January 2021 a new administration will be at the helm, bringing a united approach to the COVID-19 crisis, you might still be struggling with the reality of emotional crises that surfaced during this past year. How can you navigate what you suddenly know about yourself and the partner you now realize you don’t emotionally trust?

Nothing has to change. If you had a union of convenience before this COVID-19 crisis, you can continue to do so AFTER that crisis resolves. If, however, you DO want to change the rhythm, recapture the magic you once had, stoke those passionate flames, re-earn mutual respect and trust, these goals would make a wonderful New Year’s Resolution – able to happen with three important steps.

First, become honest with yourself and choose the path you want to take. Second, have an open discussion with each other. Decide together whether you both have the same goals. You can’t feed a relationship flame alone. Third, if you both agree to recapture the magic, consider making lists of personal goals (separately) and then share them on a ‘date night’ OR, if you feel emotionally raw and unsafe, get a licensed, certified relationship counselor on board. (If you need a recommendation, call (917) 716-6802).

This is your life. All steps taken and avoided are up to you. If you accept that it is the responsibility of each of us to channel positive energy, and that feeling love and joy are essential in order to do so, then you owe it to yourself to heal yourself, tame the distracting ‘inner demons’, and reclaim the centered peace you so deserve. The human body is designed to self-heal and your mind craves relaxation. Here’s to your best health and wellness along your sacred path through time.  ~ Dr. Iankowitz

2 responses to “The Stress and Strain of COVID-19 on Relationships (Part 1)”

  1. Dr.I has chosen to highlight a situation usually reserved for therapeutic intervention. With skill and insight this foray is approached, and useful help and information is imparted. I am impressed.


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