Words That Distract From Wellness: DIET & EXERCISE

You are on the right track if you say,   “NO – NEVER – NOT ME!” in response to the popular misinterpretation of these two words:  DIET  &   EXERCISE

Diet, if misinterpreted as

  • Self-deprivation on any level
  • Separation anxiety as if saying good-bye to something you love and look forward to – as in losing a friend
  • Being forced
    • against your will to give up pleasure
    • to eat or drink something that is upsetting to you

Exercise, if interpreted as

  • Physical torture, pain, or discomfort on any level of mind/body/spirit
  • An unpleasant task

Once you get out from under the distractions and misinterpretations, you are able to get hold of YOUR intention and YOUR idea of a wonderful, healing journey going forward.

It Is Time To Heal

MINDFULNESS exercise: How does one get hold of personal INTENTION & begin to choreograph a healing journey in three (3) simple steps?

  1. Look up the true definition of “diet” and “exercise” in the dictionary
  2. Observe YOUR choices and patterns over a two week period
  3. Document your observations (#2) paired with your mood, energy, general health, sleep pattern

The recognition of the role of mindfulness (following steps #1-3, above) is a life changing experience, as it reintroduces you to the body you are walking around in during your time on earth.

After the first two weeks, as you review the mindfulness documentation, you begin to awaken to the messages your body gives you every day – several times a day. This new friendship begins as any other – with the first step as ‘earning trust’.  Choose a support system (can be a friend, a group you join [i.e. Weight Watchers] or a trusted wellness professional).

Earning the trust of YOUR own body begins with mindfulness, compromise & open communication. Establishing your personal healing path requires loyalty, honesty & a willingness to let go of energy that no longer serves you (i.e. sucks energy, depresses your mood, creates anxiety & physical discomfort), as you adopt new, positive healing energy that fills your life with joy.

If you decide that you need or want some support or professional guidance to facilitate this part of your healing adventure, feel free to call (917) 716-6802  for a free 20-minute consultation. Dr. Iankowitz can outline an appropriate direction for you which may include an appointment with her and/or a list of foods to add or avoid, a few stretches to consider working into your daily routine and/or recommendations for additional licensed, certified health providers skilled in acupuncture, herbs, energy healing, chiropractics etc.  Today is the first day of the rest of your wellness journey.  Embrace it with gratitude and positive energy.


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