Learning How To Read Your Body

Each individual travels a unique and sacred journey through life. There is deviation from equilibrium; that is, there are ups and downs.  This is part of the adventure.  Learning how to cope, on the mind/spirit level comes with experience. Learning how to heal the body and, ultimately, restore balance to the mind/body/spirit relationship within yourself, also comes with experience – but takes mindfulness to a new level. Wisdom is the mentor in this scenario.

Prevention is the goal. Communication is the key. True wisdom is revealed by understanding that most presentations of ‘illness’ are merely symptoms of imbalance within the mind/ body/ spirit realm – which you can learn to address once you learn your body’s language.

Bottom line: When the mind/body/spirit balance is “OFF” it is represented uniquely by symptoms expressed by each system.

Find the answers: A symptom of MIND imbalance is expressed as confusion on some level. The BODY, when off balance, expresses itself through joints, muscles, energy, weight and, if it is ‘hormone-based’, may express itself AS IF it is ‘spiritual’ imbalance since, when the SPIRIT is off balance, it is expressed by mood.

All three (mind/body/spirit) are intricately intertwined; thus, there is no possible way that ONE single system can be out of balance without impacting another system. Does it matter where the imbalance began? It may – or, it might not.

What if you knew that, in one single hour, you could learn how to read your body with just a bit of guidance? You can.

Holistic and Integrative Healing LLC promises to offer tools, during your initial one-hour consultation, that you can use immediately to address any issue you present with, including stress, weight, muscle tone – even sinusitis and neck pain. You will learn how to figure out, for yourself, which system each problem represents, and you will have interventions you can use to address your mind, body and spirit appropriately without a pharmaceutical product. Dr. Iankowitz does not draw blood or collect body fluids. This is the most unique wellness experience one can have – and it is the wave of the future.

Download the “Patient Intake Form” from this link to see what you can expect from the first visit.

Then, click below to see what more you can learn about how to tap into your inner wisdom:


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