What Is In The Way Of YOUR Joy? “TIME?”

Have you ever thought, “I’ll just give it time and the relationship will work itself out”?   or . . . “It will take time, but I’ll lay low and s/he will see I’m right . . . ”  or  “In a few weeks or months it will work out/  I will heal/  things will get better .”?

Guess what:   Time Does NOT Heal All Wounds     and JOY is more than, “Absence of pain.”

Joy is not synonymous with, “Less miserable today than. . . .”  Joy is a centered experience; a oneness with the Universe; an awareness of personal fulfillment and gratitude. Joy is a blessing and it can be yours.

We all experience moments, even days, wherein we feel ‘out of balance.’ You may be out of balance right now. If it has been a constant companion over a few weeks or longer, you might be feeling out of control – keenly aware that you need to heal. You may know that part of the healing process involves cutting negativity out of your life; thus, you are doing your best to avoid negative people. And yet, you feel you are still not sufficiently, consistently balanced. What’s going on?

Important note: The link below embarks upon self-analysis which, in some cases, might best be facilitated with the assistance of a well-trained mental health professional.

So, in case you didn’t click the link above, here it is again:  Time Does NOT Heal All Wounds.  I’d love to hear from you or read your comments about this post.  Here’s to your health and happiness!

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