Does Change Of Season Wreak Havoc On Your Sinuses?

“I know exactly what to expect.”

There is a certain degree of comfort in knowing what to expect – even if it is ‘discomfort’ . . . however, what if you were able to replace the negative prediction with a positive one?

Prevention is key.

Prevention is exactly what mindfulness facilitates. Step one is the ability to predict what would happen if we did and did not intervene.  Step two is taking active control.

Wouldn’t it be great to say, “I used to get colds and congestion at change of season until I learned to implement . . . ” ?

Becoming mindful.

For those who expect to experience familiar post nasal drip, throat tickle, and facial pressure as seasons change, the pattern of expectation can be altered with a change in pattern of preparation. Mindfulness enriched by education achieves this goal.

Bottom line: You don’t have to be miserable.

There are products available to address the change of season upper respiratory symptoms which, if left to their own progression, often become bronchitis. They may even force a trip to your healthcare provider’s office which, if they already progressed from viral to bacterial might even require antibiotic intervention.

The first 7 – 10 days of most upper respiratory infections is viral.

It is in our best interest to avoid antibiotics, if possible. Years of treating early onset viral illnesses with antibiotics has created a dangerous scenario of multi-drug resistant bacteria.  Click here to read more about this.

It is important to treat viral infections appropriately.

  • When you have a cold, practice proper hand washing.  For a demonstration, click here. 
  • If your healthcare provider says you have a viral infection don’t insist on a prescription for an antibiotic.

For those who are interested in prevention, here is an example of a homeopathic product, click here.

For an approach that can be implement for a fraction of the cost (cited above), and in the comfort of one’s own kitchen, click here.

The body is designed to self heal. Believe it or not, bacteria, viruses, fungi and fever can be our best friends.

Really?  Yes! They all help keep the body internally toned, much in the same way as the gym and jogging helps the muscles.  We need ‘germs’ in moderation.  It is only when they begin to take over and throw us off balance that illness begins to dictate bed rest that interferes with daily activities.

Over-the-counter remedies can be our friends OR enemies.

The skin is the largest organ in our body and our first line of defense. Local inflammation signals a healthy body’s response to something that inappropriately entered the body (through a break in skin). Fever is also a healthy response. Fever is our friend. It make the body too hot for germs to reproduce.

Masking local skin or internal body infections with over-the-counter creams, pills and/or liquids actually hides symptoms – and undercuts the efforts of the body to heal.

Prevention at its best.

With the right food choices, stimulation of chi points, therapeutic touch or massage, positive imagery, and/or reflexology interventions, we can help our body protect itself. Feel free to read other blogs and posts within this website for hints, tips, remedies and other evidence-based interventions.

Here’s to your health.

Whether you hike in mountains or tame level trails, along rivers or streams, or surround yourself with and air conditioned, filtered and/or otherwise controlled environment, here’s to your health and to a wonderful season of enjoyment . . . wherever you choose to spend your time.

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