Mind/ Body/ Spirit Balance – From Reading Labels to Listening to Music

Some people feel very protected in the United States, believing that they are being taken care of and watched over “in their own best interest.”  In some cases this might be true; however, when it comes to certain things, such as medications and foods, a closer look and more education would benefit the educated consumer.

Besides the fact that ingredients are added to foods with little to no government oversight, (made possible by loopholes and laws that by-pass review by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration – click here for details about this),  some have voiced concern that the government is too casual about the food available to US citizens to begin with. These people suggest that the US government has been outfoxed by destructive forces – click here for details.

Interested in reading about a more organic and/or paleo approach to menu preparation? Feel free to click on the links provided and do explore evidence-based resources, question professionals you respect and trust, and consult with your doctor, who might have some insight to offer. Conventional medicine takes more of a pharmaceutical approach, while functional medicine is more of a mind/ body/ spirit balance approach.  To read more about the functional medical school of thought click here.

You have one life, one body and the power to make decisions and choices (or to avoid decisions which is, in itself, a personal choice).  Your mind, body and spirit balance is a gift to maintain. Food, exercise and mental health are personal . . . here’s to fulfillment of your potential and achievement of your highest self.  ~Dr. Iankowitz

A few links for meditation:

Native American Meditation Shamanic Music

Zen Ocean Music

Positive Energy Relaxation Music




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