Leaky Gut, Food Sensitivities and Gut Flora

Leaky Gut

The body is a complex set of organ systems delicately intertwined and designed to heal. When one organ system is compromised, total body reaction is really a team effort to reestablish balance.  Leaky gut impacts the entire body and deserves serious attention. Check the link below for additional insights regarding this condition.


Another important reality is brought to center stage when we realize that our body seems to be reacting to some food (we think) but we may or may not be certain if it is a particular food, a combination of foods or even the order in which the food is consumed (fruits eaten with salad or after a meal are more likely to cause gas and bloating than if eaten on an empty stomach).

If we are having a negative reaction to a particular food, the ‘reaction’ might be familiar (as in allergies since childhood) or new, as in “I was always able to eat this food, but lately it gives me a rash/ gas / cramps / diarrhea etc . . . ”

To be clear: There is a difference between full blown allergic reactions (i.e. anaphylaxis) and food sensitivities (i.e. a rash, gas or itchy eyes).  

Just as it is possible to outgrow minor allergic reactions, it is also possible to develop new sensitivities as we age.  Genetically modified foods, often referred to as GMOs, bring concerns to new heights.  Their safety is very debatable. But back to the focus of this blog: how to identify what foods trigger us . . . 

Isolating The Foods That Trigger Negative Reactions

In order to help figure out what triggers our reaction, we may get tested for allergies by a licensed, certified health provider (and SHOULD if the reaction is extreme, since a true ‘allergy’ might become a life threatening issue) OR, if we have a minor sensitivity (gas, bloating or any non-life threatening event) we may consider an elimination diet.   Dr. Oz reported on this:  (click link below)


Important consideration: Intestinal flora are key for many reasons – from digestion to mood.  Read more about it here:


Consider an “anti-inflammatory “Paleo” diet:  Click here for valuable information.

As we avoid inflammatory foods, we also benefit from considering the acidity/alkalinity triggered within the body by foods.   Read more about this important point by clicking this link:  https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/alkalinity-road-good-health-glenn-m-taylor

Planning A Healthful Future

Working carefully with your health care provider to melt excess weight, build stamina and boost your immune system can help you reinvent yourself. Once food sensitivities and other distractions from fun and feeling alive and free are eliminated, patients often report feeling better and more fit than they did twenty years ago.  Think about it – summer is almost here.  Wouldn’t it be FABULOUS to get out and enjoy it?

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