Simply Stated: The Time Has Come To Take Control Of Your Life Through Menu Choices

When short and long term goals include reducing or gaining weight, a desire to increase flexibility or stamina, and reflect an interest in reclaiming the balance of mind, body and spirit that has somehow slipped through our fingers over time, we often turn to self-reflection as a tool to guide our journey.  We ask ourselves, “How often do I make choices that negatively affect me?”  “How can I improved my  . . . . ”

Healthful lifestyle choices impact quality of living and longevity

Exercise and nutrition need to be well balanced to keep the body adequately toned and nourished.  Some people enjoy cooking while others find it burdensome.  Some people love to exercise vigorously while others prefer to stretch gently (or not at all).

If reasons for not exercising include joint stiffness or muscle aches, the issue might be addressed by reducing intake of foods that cause inflammation while increasing intake of foods that decrease inflammation.

Check out the following links for ideas that may spice up your menu without traumatizing your kitchen experience. (Keep in mind that if inflammation is a key issue for you, you would want to avoid any foods – even if mentioned in the meals plans, which are high on the inflammatory list):

First, familiarize yourself with foods you might best avoid:

Next, explore the foods to INCLUDE since they are highest in omega-3 fatty acids (good fats):

Now, check these recipes to see if any appeal to you:

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    This excellent article was created by my friend Dr Nancy Iankowitz, founder of Holistic And Integrative Healing LLC. Inflammatory foods are suspect of being the cause of most illness and this includes much of eye disease as well as systemic conditions such as diabetes, cancer, heart disease and more!

    Here is a chance to learn a few simple techniques for reducing your risk of serious illness! Check out Dr Iankowitz’s article and its links to Inflammatory Foods: 9 Of The Worst Picks For Inflammation!

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