Non-Pharmaceutical Preventive Measures to Boost Your Immune System

What do change of season, forks in the road, developmental milestones of children under our care, aging parents, periodic arguments, and life in general have in common?  They stress the immune system.


When we are out of balance in any one of three areas:  mind, body or spirit, failing health expresses itself by calling attention to an organ system  We may get a familiar (or unusually debilitating) backache, headache, sinus infection, rash . . . or any other example you can pull from your list of maladies.

Is there a way to address these?  Simply stated: Yes.  We can address them after they happen, just as they begin or, as a preventive measure when we can anticipate them (as in change of season for sinus sufferers).  There are several ways to maintain balance:  nutritionally, through meditation, yoga, and even through gentle pressure applied to certain points on our arms, legs and torso.

See links  below for recommendations.

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