Lessons From Spearmint

Spearmint taught me the power of love in the springtime, and how to cope with the helplessness that accompanies impending or ongoing suffocation of spirit.

One day I decided to make a cup of tea. I wanted fresh mint leaves. Instead of stripping the stem of a plant in my garden, I respectfully pinched off a 1/4″ section from the top, emotionally thanked the stalk, and prepared my tea. I love mint tea but, while drinking, I lamented the action of ‘taking’ without the permission of the plant – realizing full well it was growing in ‘my‘ garden . . . something was missing, and I felt out of balance.  What was I neglecting?  What was my trespass?  Surely not the pinching of the stem for a cup of green mint tea. The first of several answers was soon to be revealed – during a meditation exercise.

Lesson #1:  Observe. Nurture. Nourish. Be mindful . . . gently proceed when it ‘feels’ right.

Lesson #2:  Revisit. Repair if necessary . . . following all learning from lesson #1.

Several days later, while tending the garden, I revisited the generous spearmint stalk from whom I had gently pinched the ingredients to my tea, days prior. What did I discover? What did I learn?

Lesson #3: Healing. The stalk had closed at the site at which it had been pinched my me. It healed itself.

Lesson#4: Love. Just beneath the pinched, now healed spot, there were two new stalks sprouting! The stalk gave me a few leaves from its very stem – self repaired and was then rewarded by the universe with two in place of the one given away. Just as has been my experience with love.  The more I give, the more I have to give.

Autumn was soon upon the garden. It was time to rebuild and widen a walkway. The spearmint had long since browned and returned to the soil; however, I knew it would be expecting to reach out to drink rays of sunshine the following spring. How could I cover over this familiar patch of earth?  The thought of blocking spearmint’s reentry was spiritually more than I could fathom. I was distraught.  My husband thought I was absolutely nuts to concern myself with such foolishness. I do realize how it sounds . . . logically; but the balance of my mind, body and spirit was challenged, nonetheless.

I came to grips with the plan of widening the walkway. The deed had been done. I remained torn inside.  Winter passed and early next spring I looked for signs of the spearmint.  None.  My devastation was mixed with gratitude for, if the spearmint had reappeared, I knew it would have been met with assault if I failed the new challenge awaiting: my effort to convince my husband to NOT rip it out or spray it with a ‘weed killer’  defending the action with, “even a beautiful rosebush is considered a weed if it grows where it is not wanted.”

The seasons passed and I had all but forgotten about my friend and mentor: Spearmint. Then, one beautiful spring morning, several years later, Spearmint reached out. She had found her way under the earth to choose the perfect spot, several feet away from the patch of soil (her former home), now darkened by landscape fabric and choked by cement and stones above . . . to demonstrate the power of fortitude.

Lesson #5: Faith, hope and the grace and balance that defines our Universe. I learned that the Universe is in charge and, even in the face of our selfish human ways, has the power to reestablish balance. It heals itself when we don’t get in its way.

Lesson #6: The power of healing and love comes from within. I decided to open my own health and wellness center to pay this lesson forward. My gratitude is overwhelming. The time has come to facilitate the awakening of all who request tools to self heal. I will observe, reflect, and facilitate self repair for all who seek it, guided by my educational background, credentials, and decades of experience. Thank you for taking time from your day to read my words. Have a beautiful, healing week, month and life filled with generosity of spirit to and from all with whom you come into contact.

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